Harmony: *to customer* :"Hey Harmony!"

Sebastian: *talking about a vacation package* : "A three hotel star"

Harmony: *talking about sweets* : "You know... like bunny eggs..."

Oscar: *reading the daily activities* : "How would you use will Will in a sentence"

Sebastian: *replying to a comment about how he doesnt let go of the carry on to hug his girlfriend* : "The carry on before everything"

Marcelo : *walking into tickets* : "What the fuck is going on?"

Sebastian : *out of the blue* : "It's Wednesday my duuudes!"

Oscar : *a girl comes in* : "Hey sir"

Harmony: "they don't call me hard money for nothing' (imitates stapling yellow sheet to forhead)

Jed: *after putting the new hoodie on* : "I'm cold"

Harmony: *at girl scout* : "can I get some doos-e-doose, pleaaaase"

Sebastian : "los relativos"

Oscar: *to Luca, looking at sugar packet on the floor* : "Luca, you dropped your sugar!"

Jed: *after helping an annoying customer* : "See, you're expecting logic, but then people..."

Luca : "I was feeling something cold on my butt, its longer than my hand dudeee"

Oscar: *First thing in the morning of 02/22/2020* : "Let's watch the Mussolini speech to get pumped for the day"

Jed: *Looking at his phone* : "Oh my plastic babies just got delivered"

Cameryn looking for snowshoes: *Searches google for shoeshoes*

Harmony: *talking about having two casts* : "...yeah... how do you even wipe your butt?"

Harmony telling Luca to clean: "This place better be tight and spidy"

Oscar after Luca touched him: "Don't... caress me."

Oscar: "We need to talk more, so we can get more quotes."

Luca: "I like smelling smelly stuff."

Luca after Harmony asked him why she didn't see Jed carry him like a princess: "Well... that was a one time thing..."

Luca talking about cartoons: "Do they respect physics?"

Luca: "Siii tu quieres cagar tu pais!"